Heel Turn Question -- PLEASE Help So I Can Resume My Project

Hi y’all. I’m making my first sock, and all has been going okay.

I understand the instructions for doing the heel turn, but no matter what I do, I’m not getting the correct number of stitches by the end.

Here’s a picture of the stitch I’m encountering when I’m going along. This stitch is just before the gap where I’m supposed to P2tog. I’m not sure if it’s one stitch or two. The following picture is the WS view (which I’m working on)

I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but the stitch looks like it’s two, but it’s joined?? Here’s the other side of the stitch (RS view).

Am I supposed to treat this as one stitch or two?

I originally had 36 stitches on the needle. Have to reduce to 20 by the end. I’m doing the first sock pattern (not class sock) in SKS (pg 35).



It’s sort of hard to tell from the picture, but are you sure it’s not a stitch where you forgot to drop the old loop off the needle when you worked it last time? If you drop one of the loops off the needle, do they look like they fall into the same column? That might explain why you end up with the wrong number of stitches, too. :shrug:

Well, without frogging that whole section this time, I figured out what I kept doing wrong.

You know how you have to slip the first stitch (purl-wise), then either knit or purl to the gap? I was slipping the stitch with the yarn in front of the needle. This was kind-of creating a wrap when I knit the next stitch. I have a feeling this was only happening on the knit rows.

Sorry that the pictures weren’t better. My dig camera is about six years old and doesn’t get quite the resolution that a newer camera would get. Hmmm…do I smell a birthday gift idea…NAH…want YARN!!! :teehee:

Thanks, Y’all!