Heel Question

I’m a bit confused with a pattern I’m trying to knit… it’s Go Gryffindor and Such A Slytherin socks by Lykke Og Lokker… (http://lykkeogloekker.blogspot.com/2008/01/pattern-release-go-gryffindor.html

The pattern says:
[I]The heel is worked over half the sts, i.e. 32 (32) 36 plus two sts which are made by picking up sts up on both sides of the heel sts (=34 (34) 38). The two side sts are always knitted and will provide a base for picking up the heel sts.
Row1: k [COLOR=“Red”]36 (36) 38[/COLOR]
Row2: k1, p34 (34) 36, k1[/I]

My problem is that I don’t get where these 2 sts come from when it’s only 34 (34) 38 after picking up the 2 extra sts from both sides of the heel… Am I missing something or is there just a error in the pattern?

I just noticed that the pattern is looking ok on the biggest sts count… so can I just fix the rows to be?:
[I]Row1: k 34 (34) 38
Row2: k1, p32 (32) 36, p1[/I]

Yes, I do think that will work out OK. I see what you mean about a possible error.