Heel help

Hi. I’m having trouble understanding this heel shape. This is toe up on magic loop. I have twelve stitches on either side for the gusset. I’ve never done short row shaping toe up and I’m very confused.

What is the name of your pattern?
Here’s a video for short row heels, toe up or cuff down.

@ engblom @Beth_Leatherman what do you think?

Thank you! It’s Hermiones every day socks but it’s a toe up version that I’m not finding online anymore from Hoopes park Studios. I’ll try to watch the videos. I get confused with the directions she has with the markers.

The pattern should instruct when to place markers (sometimes abbreviated “PM”). Then, as you’re knitting along, you “come to the first marker”, wrap stitch, and turn your work, then knit to the next marker, wrap stitch, and turn your work. Here’s a video for wrap & turn. https://youtu.be/G4GxFvi4KD0


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Ok! So she has twelve gusset stitches on either side. Am I only working the middle stitches for the short row? I’m doing a contrasting heel. In the pattern she doesn’t say anything about picking up gusset stitches. So after the heel turn and flap it should just go back to knitting in the round?

How did you get the gusset stitches? Were they created by increases?

I’m thinking that because short-row heels are not as roomy as other heel types, the author has had you create two gussets (sort of triangles) by increasing stitches.

If that is the case, then I believe you knit the short rows across the heel stitches only. It looks like your markers are in the right place, so it’s just a matter of doing exactly what the pattern says i.e. start working back and forwards between the markers.

Ignore the gusset stitches for now. After the heel is completed, you will be decreasing them away again.