Heel flap

This is my first pair socks without an accompanying tutorial. I thought. I got this, well maybe not. I am doing cheerful cable slippers. I am at heel flap (on dpn’s). I have 9 stitches on each needle. Row1: k2, turn work. Row2: k20 for heel and remaining stitches on holder (16). So I have 36 stitches. So at bor I k2 using my 5th needle turn but end yarn in wrong place. But if I don’t introduce the 5th needle and k2 turn I seem to be good to go. Is this how I should do this? I seem to be heading in right direction, the side without any cables after last previous row.

Well after more thought that won’t be right either. Seems like the first 2 stitches need to go back on original needle after knitting so it will be 16 stitches placed on holder while the 20 will be worked for flap. Why don’t they say that. Not sure why I knit those first 2 stitches at all. I must be missing something

Knitting on the RS, k2, turn, knit back over the 2sts you just knit plus 18 more sts (WS row) then turn to the RS again and work on these 20sts for the heel flap. Is that what you’re doing? You may have to move stitches around so that you have the 20 heel sts on a single needle just for the convenience of it.
It seems to me that when you make that first turn to the WS you should be purling across the 20 sts, no?

I really kind of stopped at this point. I kind of got hung up on using the 5th needle I normally would. But when I put it aside and used the 4th needle to knit the 2 stitches on needle 1 then it lined up. But then I got focused on the 20 stitches, thinking the next 20 stitches but after your explanation it makes sense it’s those 2 knit stitches plus 18 more. I think I was way overthinking this. The directions specifically say row 2 WS K18 (20,22)for heel, place remaining 14(16,18) on holder for instep, turn. Rows3-11, begin RS work in stockinette for 9(9,11) rows. So it sounds like after first turn I will knit on wrong side.

I think I did this so you can see the pattern

Thank you for the link. It’s so easy to start second guessing pattern directions and sometimes that’s a good thing. It keeps us from just plunging in without considering second interpretations.
Yes, turn to the WS to begin knitting back and forth for the heel flap.
These are such comfy looking slipper socks. Good for the cold days to come.