Heel flap too long?

is there a “too long” of a heel flap on socks? i am doing a pair of slipper socks for mom, who is about a 9-1/2 or 10 shoe. i am doing 2 strands of sock yarn on size 7s to make big cozy slipper socks and they’re working out fine, but because of the needle size and yarn, the heel flap came out to be around 2 inches… is that too big? i’m thinking maybe once i get more foot done it will look a little more normal, but i don’t want to keep going if it’s too big.

thanks bunches! :slight_smile:

To me, it looks just great! :cheering: I think the general rule of thumb is that the heel flap is to be about as wide as it is long.

it does seem to be as wide as it is long, thank you very much!!! :slight_smile: i guess maybe mom will get her socks after all. :wink:

How did you get the colors to line up exactly in both strands???

hildie, that is a topic of some distress at the moment, but all i did was line them up when i cast on. for some unknown reason, though, when i made it to the heel flap, one of them stopped matching… i waited until i started the foot and lost a TON of yardage matching them up again and i don’t know what caused that (distress). but normally, just lining up the color blocks works, i know it works with KP’s stuff too.

You know that knobby bone on the side of your ankle? According to this source, the heel flap should be about that height – around 2.5" for women, 3" for men. (The link also has tons more sock sizing tips that you’ll probably want to check out.)