Heel flap on sock

I am just about to start the heel flap on my first sock. When slipping the first stitch [to form the loops to pick up later for the gusset] do I slip this knitwise on knit side and purlwise on the purl side [in the U.K. hope you recognise these terms!] I have read somewhere, I think, that you should slip all stitches purlwise unless otherwise stated, is this correct?:??

Hi Knitnan12,
I just turned my first heel last night. I sliped my stitched just like you described. I don’t really know if I was correct in doing so but it looks just fine to me. I’ll be watching for replies from the sock experts.

I’m no expert, but have made lots of sox. I slip k wise on knit side and p wise on purl side. It isn’t all that crucial, really. Have fun - sox are among my very favorite things to knit!

I would actually say when slipping stitches that unless told other wise you should slip knit sticthes purlwise and purl stitches knitwise. This allows for correct oriantation (meaning they are not twisted) on the next row.

Thank you everyone for your kind replies:thumbsup: One more problem though! Is there a foolproof way to prevent the holes in the corner of the heel gusset. I have tried various ways but it does’nt end up looking very tidy. I have Ann Budd’s book and she basically says to not worry about them and just to tidy them up after. The methods I have tried just seems to twist the stitches and they don’t look right. Also, the pattern I have says to pick up 11 sts down the sides of the gusset but I do not have enough of the chains left by slipping the first stitch to do this. I have tried going into a chain twice, but you can’t do this as it ends up being a yarnover instead. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

This is a very interesting topic…I am too making my first socks…on the Shape Heel Flap, the ins are not clear…Check it out:
Knit across 10 sts on first needle, turn.
[B]Row 1 (WS)[/B] With empty needle, sl 1 st, purl 9 sts on first needle and 10 sts on needle 4 – 20 sts for heel flap. Work back and forth on these sts in rows.
[B]Row 2[/B] * Sl 1, k 1; rep from * across. Rep last 2 rows until a total of 21 rows have been worked, ending with a Row 1. Where does the pat say to sl 1 P1 Thanks


From what you said it sounds like you are to repeat those 2 rows over and over and it never tells you to slip anything but the first stitch on the purl side so that is what I’d do as well.

Purl side: slip the first stitch, purl across.
Knit side: Slip one, knit 1 across.

Thanks, I didn’t know if it was a “standard” thing on the heel to sl 1 K and sl 1P from the topic above…I will just follow my pattern…:hug: