Heel flap ? on slipping stitches

When doing the heel flap with these instructions,

Row 1 Sl1, K to end
Row 2 Sl1, P to end

I slipped purlwise on both. On one side I ended up with nice V’s to pick up, but on the other side it just didn’t look right. Should I have slipped Knitwise on that first row? I always thought when slipping the stitches you slipped purlwise? :shrug:

Yes, you slip as if to knit or as if to purl, like, if you’re starting a right side row, you slip the first knitwise. If you’re starting a wrong side row, you slip purlwise.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try to remember that for the next pair. I guess I got confused because with Silver’s sock tutorial she says to slip purlwise on her heel flap which is done a little differently.