Heel flap issues

I’m knitting the basic sock from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, and I’m having trouble with the heel flap. According to the instructions, on every odd row I should slip the 1st stitch purlwise, then k1, slip 1 as if to knit to the end of the row, while on every even row I should slip the 1st stitch purlwise, then purl all following stitches except for the last, which is to be knitted. My problem is this: for a lot of the stitches, I literally cannot force the tip of the needle through the stitch in order to knit or purl it. I have not had this problem with the rest of the sock (this is the 2nd of the pair, and I had the same problem with the 1st sock). What am I doing wrong??

When you slip a stitch as if to knit, you twist it and it is hard to knit on the next round. Sometimes when I can’t get the needle through in the direction I need to, I kind of put it in anyway I can, and then move the right needle over the left, keeping the stitch on. The right needle kind of slides over the top of the left and ends up in the right position. I know this sounds confusing, but maybe if you try it, it will be easier to understand.

Most of the patterns I’ve used have a…

Row 1: slip first stitch purlwise, purl to last stitch, knit last stitch
Row 2: slip one purlwise, k1, slip one purlwise, k1, repeat to end

In other words, on row 2, you are moving the yarn to the front for the slip stitches and to the back for the knit stitches. I have not had a problem with it being too tight this way. You might want to give it a try.

Thanks for your help! I’ll try out your suggestions with the next sock. :slight_smile: