Hedwig illusion scarf for a friend

I used to be a huge HP anti, but a friend of mine gave me the books to read and i decided it’s better to know the enemy:rofl: It’s rather interesting to read! I’ve decided to make this friend of mine an HP scarf and saw the Hedwig illusion dishcloth and altered the idea into a scarf. I used some acrylic i had from my grandma-gave-me-stuff-stash on 4mm needles.
Illusion knitting is not hard at all! It’s actually fun! So here it is:

Sweet. Kind of pepperminty with a little touch of whimsical for those in the know. I’m sure your friend will like and appreciate it.

Yeah for HP! Love the scarf!

Excellent job! That looks great!

Great job! I love the way you incorporated the stripes of the illusion with the larger stripes…and Mystery Gyrl is right, it is “pepperminty”!

Awesome!!! :yay::yay::yay:

Peppermint owls…sounds like a Weasley product to me! Great job!