Heavily edited: Which book should I get?

I edited this a lot because I basically changed what I wanted to ask:

I’m taking advantage of the KnitPicks book sale (I was surprised to see it’s still going on). I don’t have any knitting books currently, so I’m going to get Vogue Knitting and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop. I want to get another book, but I don’t know what would be the bst choice. I was thinking One Skein or One Skein Wonders, but I’m actually now just thinking that I want to see what books do you guys find the most helpful? I think Vogue Knitting is a great knitting reference, and the Knitting Workshop is going to teach me how to customize/improvise - what else do I need? Thanks, everyone. I know I may post a lot of questions here and try to get lots of feedback, but I do try to give feedback and help as well. Sorry if I ask too much of you… :shrug:

I’m only going to say that I love my One Skein book. It was the first pattern book I bought and I love it to death. I’ve knitted a couple of the patterns and they are very easy and quick. I don’t have the other book yet but as soon as I get to a bookstore I’m going to check it out and see if its worth a purchase.

This was to your pre- edited question: I have both- for breadth of projects I like one skein. (I think the projects in one skein are all pretty different from each other) for lots of hat/ scarf/ shawl and little projects, one skein wonders is great. some of the wonders patterns are a bit… repetitive- but I’ve made projects from both and treasure both…

(oh- and EZ’s books are delightful to read…)
to your edited question
To me, Debbie Bliss’ books (How To Knit, etc) are SOOO helpful, with classic patterns.

:think: Well, I have Knitting for Peace which is nice of you like to knit for charity, but there are SO many books on sale! :passedout: One thing nice about KP is you can take a peek inside. Check out a bunch of them see what looks interesting to you.

Hey I didn’t even realize that - thanks!

I also have the “One Skein Wonders” book and I really like it. IT has MANY stylish projects in there to keep you happily knitting for a long time.:woot:

Well, I can tell you the ones that I just got from KP and love both of them, No Sheep for You…very informative and has great patterns. And Book 3, the color experience by Sally Melville…it’s great, too.
Some that I’ve gotten recently that are also wonderful, Vogue Knitting’s 25th Anniversary book; Mason Dixon; Lace Style; Wrap Style; Victorian Lace Today and am seriously thinking about getting Knitting Lingerie Style and Cables Untangled.
LOL, I guess I wasn’t much help, huh?? I’m a book junkie!

You know, I was wondering about that one. I’m really really interested in incorporating fair isle work into my basic socks ans sweaters, and so I was wondering whether that book or the Vogue Knitting color one would provide me with some good fair isle patterns to spice up the basics. Maybe EZ’s Knitting Workshop has that, though? I’m not sure…

And what about Knitting without Tears or the Stitch 'n B- book?


if I’m getting EZ’s Knitting Workshop, would a book like The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns (basic patterns for a variety of garments) be unnecessary? I’m not sure what all the Knitting Workshop has in it, if it’s just sweaters, or has all kinds of garments…

:?? Sorry!!! :wall:

I don’t have the EZ books yet (mine are on their way from KnitPicks sale also. Yippee!) but I have both the Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweaters and the Handy Book of Patterns. What I like about those books is that you have the ability to really customize a garment using the formulas given in the books. I made my dd the cutest little cotton sweater using the formula for a drop sleeve sweater to which I added a little lace Peter Pan collar from another sweater and then a lace hem on the sleeves and bottom from another. I was able to do the whole thing by just figuring out my gauge and plugging in the numbers in the available charts.

I was also able to adjust a simple sweater pattern that I wasn’t getting the right gauge for by using the charts in the book. I have used the sweater book so far more often than the pattern book but they are both great.

I also wanted to say that I like both the One Skein Wonders and the One Skein book and have used both often. I’d say choose either one and you have a winner.

Susan (who believes that one can never have enough yarn, knitting books or knitting magazines and has the stash to prove it!)

BTW, how long is the book sale going on at KPs? I added Knitters Almanac to my stash, but there’s a note that I would be notified when it was available to order. I guess they’re out of stock on it?

I’m not sure how long it’s going on. I had actually already assumed it was over, but when I saw it was still going on, I decided I needed to buy. It just says Summer Book Sale, so I don’t really know…

Keep checking your stash on the sit about the book. I had a couple of things in my stash and I never got an email from them to tell me they were available. So when I did check back, first one was available and the other back ordered, then they both were out of stock. I had to keep checking myself til they were both available and I could order what I wanted.


I love all 3 Vogue Stichionaries.

Thanks Susan for the reminder to check the site.

thanks redheadrachel

Hey Rachel. I would vote for a good stitch book (if you don’t already have one)(or even if you do!). I don’t know if it’s available from KP, (I got mine at B&N) but, on the recommendation of someone here, I got Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. It’s 288 pages with 2 patterns per page. That’s LOTS of stitch patterns. As a fairly new knitter, I found the stitch instructions clear and easy to follow. They’re given in narative and chart form with a big, beautiful color pic of each one. Publisher’s price is only $14.95.

Hi! What a great sale. I have the Big Book of Patterns also, that is so much fun to play around with. It’s really fascinating. I have EZ’s Knitting Without Tears. It’s good but, the patterns are you know, old fashioned (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Fair Isle sweaters and basic hats… Do you knit socks? I’ve wanted Nancy Bush’s book forever, I think I’ll finally get it. S’n’Bitch, one word of caution: my book fell apart after a few months. I didn’t even use it much. I don’t care for it much either, it was my first book and I never even made one pattern from it.

NO Sheep for You is very cool, great patterns. And I just have to have Victorian Lace someday even if I don’t knit lace yet… it’s gorgeous!

I have been knitting for a little over two years and I have collected a lot of knitting books. The one I use the most is [U]Knit Fix[/U] by Lisa Kartus. I always keep it close by while I’m knitting. So far I haven’t had a problem with my knitting that isn’t covered in this book. I love it!

I have all of Sally Melville’s books and recommend her because she is such a great instructor. However, I will say that I don’t like every single pattern, but there are enough patterns that I do like to feel justified spending the money for the books.

I recently got [U]Fitted Knits[/U] by Stefanie Japel. I haven’t actually started anything from this book yet, but the projects are beautiful and designed for minimum finishing (my favorite kind of knitting).

[U]No Sheep for You[/U] is next on my list and I really want to get [U]The Pleasures of Knitting[/U] by Ann McCauley because I absolutely LOVE the Peri’s Parasol Pullover (check it out on KnitPicks under patterns/sweaters). I MUST have that sweater – someday!

I’m in a bit of a hurry so I didn’t check to see if anyone had already posted this. I just checked the KnitPicks site and the 40% off summer book sale ends Friday, August 17th, 2007.