Heavenly baby Blanket

Finished a couple of weeks ago with Mary Maxim MellowSpun from stash. Fun pattern with cables and feather and fan patterns.

Beautiful pattern … and I love the colors you used too! :woot:

Oooooo nice! I love those two colors together! Nice work, too!

Very nice!

Very nice work!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Very nice - great color combo!!

It’s gorgeous!!! Congrats!

So pretty !! Where did you find that pattern ? I love blankets with cables and am currently searching for a baby blanket pattern for my soon to be born son.

Thanks for all the nice comments everybody. Vaknitter- if you are on Ravelry, go into the patterns link and type in Heavenly baby blanket and it should show up there. Ravelry is a fun site to be on so if you aren’t already on there, you should give it a try! It requires an invitation but its no biggie to join. By the way congrats on your “soon to be born son”!

I love the pattern. Nice work on it too. :woot:

Nice job!

Thank you for the pattern info - I have added it to my que. Now if I could just decide on a color…

Oh wow, wow, wow! That looks complicated…not something I might ever do, but sure is gorgeous. Lucky baby who gets this one.