Heaven! Janethornley.com*price update*

Has anyone checked out her site? Holy heaven on earth, look at her knitting/crocheting excursions! I just emailed her to get more info on Morrocco and Spain, and called my mom to see how much $ she is getting in the divorce settlement:roflhard: I see a trip in my future!
Updated to add:
I just recieved a lovely response from Jane, she said the trips go for around $3000 double occupancy, including all meals and trips/excursions. All that you have to pay for is airfare. She has visited every place that the trips go to and says she has very high standards for accomodations. The tirps are designed for leisure/comfort, and that’s what she offers!
I am really trying to talk my mom into going with me!:clink:

Ooooo I want to go too and my mom’s getting divorced too. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s getting that much and probably wouldn’t want to share. :frowning:

I wonder if us KH’ers couldn’t gather a trip for her in the shut down the site K2P2 style?

oh my :inlove: I would so love to go to Spain or Italy. I need more info! [SIZE=1]can’t do Morocco because it’s during tax time. must. win. lottery.


Those look awesome! Not something I’ll be able to do for a long time though. :frowning:

I saw that site before…very cool. I just can’t see going to ital or somewhere like that though with a focus on fiber (as much as I love it…must sound crazy to say)! So much more to do/see/experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean I woudn’t knit and visit LYS there!

My hubby is off to Morocco to visit his family next month. He already has instructions to [I][B]buy yarn![/B][/I] Heaven only knows what he might come home with. :roflhard:

Well, it looks like I may be off to spain on May 10th, with or without a partner. I will finish my master’s certificate on April 30th or so, and my 31st bday is may 14th, so I think this may be a great way to reward myself. :clink:My DH has given his blessings, so now just to find a good flight!