Heaven Help me

I’ve been spinning on a drop spindle for a few weeks now. I’m totally in love. My first yarn isn’t the hottest but I think I did ok. Now I want to keep going but it seems to take forever since I have to keep stopping the spindle to draft. I’d really like to take the plunge and get a wheel. Which wheel do you think is the best for a beginner? I was looking at the Prelude or an ashford. The prelude I can get locally and would come with lessons. I also have an antique wheel that I can get for free but I have no idea what condition it is in. I’m going to grandpa’s house this weekend to pick it up.


I got a lendrum original and I love it, really a wheel that will grow with me.

I would suggest seeing if there’s a spinning guild in your area or a spinning store, and see if they’ll let you try a few different kinds of wheels.