I was about 5 inches into my very first sock. Everything was going really well…until one of my (bamboo) needles fell out!!! All 20 stitches dropped off the needle. I tried to get them back on, but about 6 of them ended up unraveling pretty far down. I tried getting them back up, but I think some of them are wrong. I’m just going to have to frog it and start all over…


Major bummer. :crying:

I was knitting something on dpn’s recently, and had a similar faux pas. I had just knitted all the stitches off the left needle onto the right, went to pull the left (empty) needle away from the work, but accidentally pulled one of the other needles out, that had stitches on it. :shock: Fortunately, I was working with a bulky yarn which held it’s shape well. I managed to easily slip all the live stitches back onto their needle, but I sure had a moment’s panic. :rollseyes:

I too feel your pain!! I could never get stitches back on the ribbing because when you knit in the round–it looks differently to me!..Sorry–but you’ll get there, I know

Poor, Ronda! :frowning:

You have to get right back on the horse, er, needles and get to it. And think of all of the good practice you got - this sock will be beautiful! :smiley:

Drat and double drat, but it IS nice to have company at the pond. Seems I spend lots of time there.

I had a problem with my first sock too - started it found I had an extra yarn over - sneakily knitted it together with another stitch, carried on. 5" later noticed my ribbing was all askew :roflhard: I frogged and started again. Almost finished it now too - I’ve turned the heel and everything. It isn’t perfect but what I felt about frogging it was that it meant more experience using dpns.

I didn’t mind frogging it because when I started again, I knew what to expect on the dpns. I’ve followed Silver’s sock tutorial and I have to say I :heart: it and I :heart: Silver for writing and hosting it =D

:frowning: I feel your :frog: pain

:frowning: :frowning:

Thanks for all the sympathy/empathy!!! I knew you guys would understand. After I tried to get all the stitches back on the needle and found a few wonky ones, my husband looked at it and suggested (bless his soul) that it didn’t look “so bad” and I should just go with it. Well, I would rather get it right! Before I frog the whole thing, I’m going to take out all the needles and unknit it sloooooooowly stitch by stitch and just see if I can get it right. If not, well, Nikki, it looks like maybe we should pack a picnic basket for our time at the pond. :slight_smile: