Heart patterned stroller blanket

I have finally finished this thing. Boy, I don’t know how you ladies that knit one piece blankets or afghans do it. This thing killed my hands to knit, but it is finished and ready to join the hat, sweater, and booties for my dil’s baby shower.

What kind of needles did you use?

That’s pretty!

Regular straight needles. There was too much blanket and not enough needle for one thing and the longer it got the heavier it got and it would make my hands hurt after about 3-4 rows. I wasn’t sure how I would go about doing a pattern like this on circs or if I even could so I just labored on with the straight needles. Luckily, I kept at it as a labor of love! :smiley:

Most people use a circular needle for projects like this. The cord takes the weight off your hands and arms. Give it a try next time. :wink:

It is pretty~!! I’d use a circular too for that - it really does help!

Ooh pretty!

Is that the heart pattern out of the Knitters Bible?

Very nice!

:cheering: :cheering: :heart: :heart:

Yes, it is!

Beautiful!! You really MUST love the baby/family, to knit all of that on straights!! I tried knitting a heavy thick wrap on straights, and you’re right, it just about kills your hands/wrists - aggravated my carpal tunnel syndrome.

Using circs for big projects, you just switch the needles at the end of the row and pretend that the 2 needles are straights, keeping the stitches on the cable - your lap will then support the growing weight, instead of your wrists. Please don’t knit yourself into carpal tunnel! We want to see more beautiful work :wink:

Great job!

That’s really cute nonny–I bet she loves it!