Heart in Two Colours

Hello Everyone,
I am looking for a nice afghan square heart pattern for a throw I am making. The squares are roughly 8x8 inches.

I have found a few but not that nice to be honest and I would like one that has the background in one colour and the heart in another colour. It would also be nice if it were perhaps an embossed looking heart or fancy somehow…not just a plain knit.

Thank you in advance everyone.

I don’t see anything that detailed. I think it might be one of those things where you take a simple pattern and remake it yourself or design it yourself from the start on graph paper. :shrug:

Thank you for your reply Jan…such a shame you dont know of a knitted heart…maybe someone will come along soon who knows one.

Ive seen lots of great afghan squares but have no idea how to graph a heart into one and change the colour of it.

Never mind…I might find one eventually :heart:

Figure out your gauge per inch. Take a piece of graph paper and draw a square that matches your gauge (it won’t be an actual 8 x 8 square but it will have the correct number of “stitches” in it for your pattern.) Each small box inside your 8 x 8 square is now a stitch.

Now draw (or trace or have someone help you if you aren’t artistic in that way) a heart about the size you would like to see it in the center of your square. You might be able to find a template for a heart pattern that you can copy and size up or down in a copy machine. Make an x in pencil in each of the small squares that fall inside the heart.

You can now use that as your chart for your square. Outside of the heart area could be a plain knit and the heart could either be all purls or you could get fancy (you’d have to play with the squares a bit) and map out a seed stitch pattern for the heart.

I did a search and found a couple of links for patterns that you might be able to translate into a square:

Knit and Purls hearts
Heart Patterns

You might also like this but it isn’t free:

2 hearts

zkimom…thank you so much. Thats really helped me and Im sure that I will be able to figure a nice one out on the graph. I never thought of doing that and using two different stitches. I feel a bit…Doh! lol

Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner…Ive not been well.

Thanks again and if I manage how to upload a photo, Ill show you all what it looks like when Im done :slight_smile: