Heart double knit pot holder

This is my first attempt at color work and i chose this pattern because it had a video as well. ALSO this is my first pattern.

i was having trouble getting used to it. but i think i have it down. my problem is that i’m on the 12th row up and my actual heart shape, no matter how often i count and recount, by my word i’m doing it in the right places but the shape is ending up sort of zigzagged. all over the place. at first i figured it was my gauge or tension.

i figured out the problem: i wasn’t really counting the white border on the outside i kind of just thought it was a computer program for creating patterns that glitched. and i had ignored the bit of “purl the last stich with both colors.”

the reason why i ignored it was because it didn’t make sense to me. that i would just be increasing the amount of stiches one at a time in each row. even with the instruction “slip the first stich in each row” i would be increasing it. i did an experiment on another pair of needles using ten stiches and in fact when i purled the last stich with both colors each time, and slipped the first stitch the next and purled the last stich with both colors i increased stiches. i stopped when my stich count went up to 15.

the instructions

am i missing something?

it is my first pattern but when the instructions are repeated twice eachtime as a seperate row, i assume thats what you do over and over. where does it say i decrease or something?

and i’ve read other forum questions so i’ll jsut say: i’m not holding it english or continetal. i know the vedo suggested the methods but it is really uncomfortable for me and i find it faster to jsut hold both colors on one finger on my right hand. the effects are the same though i’m sure once i got used to the other methods it would be faster but ONE THING AT A TIME!

its my first pattern and try to traditional color work so i’m not too upset its not going well i jsut want to understand. (my version of color work is jsut stripes in scarves. and i dont trust the methods of just weaving tails into the fabric, it seems like if it were stretched they would seperate so when i cut the tails i tie them together and then weave on the back with a tapestry needle. that’s why i favored the double work idea, it seems more stable.)


Hi, the link you give for the instructions doesn’t work for me. I made this potholder once myself years ago. That was my only experience with double knit, so I am no expert, and I don’t even remember how to do it. :oops: But I’m thinking that when you purl the two colors together at the end of the row and then slip the first stitch of the next row, that that should not be an increase. When you purl the stitch with both colors it creates two loops on the needle, but you would need to treat both of those loops as one stitch and slip them together. They should not be worked as two separate stitches. Maybe that would eliminate the increase you are getting.

There is somebody on this forum that is really into double knitting. I think it might be ofTroy. (I’m not sure how that name is written about spacing or capitals), you might Private Message her and see if she is the one. If she is she could help you for sure. Good luck.

I love double knitting–and last year posted a 7 part tutorial–about different kinds of double knitting, (and some patterns for interlocking jacquard double knitting (which is what you are doing)

It takes a while to get the hang of it… (symmeterical patterns are the easiest to start with–hearts often are symmetrical!)but once you do, its not that hard at all --it ‘feels like’ 1 by 1 ribbing…(for stocking knit the most basic of all double knitting)

the double knitting tutorial starts on april 28th here
and goes on till mid may.

there are several ways to manage the edges–cord, simple double knitting, twisting (are you on ravelry? there is a nice post & photo’s on how to twisted the first to yarns together to get neat edges) YOu can also just sew them together, (using the cast on/bind off tails)

I like the twist method… I just twist the yarns together (before knitting the first stitch) then Purl the next stitch and then continue on the row…)

pot holders are a great way to learn double knitting… they work even when less than perfect…(and after a few goes, you get to perfection, and then there are so many options patterns to knit!