Heart dishcloth question

Why cant i get this?
Row 1 of the heart pattern= K21,yo,ssk,k20
I knit the 21, then to yo, am I to bring the yarn to the front?
Then to ssk, I slipped two stitches onto my right needle, i came down into those two stitches on my right needle and am stuck on how to knit that, it doesnt look right to me. What am I doing wrong?
I knitted up a small swatch to practice this, and am going to wear out the yarn trying to get it.
I knit english if that make any difference.
Thanks so much for easing my brain pain, lol

Okay, I tried it and I knit english and it makes no difference btw. You do exactly as you said. Bring the yarn to the front then slip two stitches (one at a time) knitwise onto the right needle. Slip the left needle into the front of the stitches (so you’ll be knitting through the back loop) and knit them together.

You are doing an increase and a decrease at the same time and YO will create an eyelet. The eyelets are probably what creates the hearts.

Thanks Jan
I will go back and try again.