**Heads up!** most Pattern images will be removed--TONIGHT!

Hi folks,

It appears that I’ve pissed off a lot of designers (or some, anyway), by including images on the free patterns pages that I don’t yet have permission to use. I thought I would be okay to keep them up for a couple of weeks while I contacted all the designers for permission, but apparently not. Apparently this site is a hot (and unfortunate) topic on a knitwear designers forum, and these wonderful folks are pissed off at me. (Yikes!)

So I’m taking down ALL PATTERN IMAGES that I don’t yet have permission for, and I will put them up as I receive permission. I’ll be doing this as soon as possible, which will mean later tonight!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

It appears that I’ve pissed off a lot of designers

Amy, you crack me up… :lol:

By “a lot” of designers, how many is “a lot” and who are they? And WHY would they be so “pissed off” to have their free patterns advertised for free on another website? It’s not like you claim these to be your own or try to sell them. The links go to the original source which brings people over to their website to browse for other great things. At least that’s what I did while exploring and hunting for patterns.

Anyway, Amy, I hope these pissed off people will still allow you to link their patterns to your website after you get their permission. As vain as I think it is, at least they have the decency to use their patterns (hopefully).

Hi Amy,

Sorry to hear about someone being upset about your promoting their free patterns for FREE…LOL Don’t let it get to you…I’m sure you did it with the best of intentions.


sorry that your honest mistake is making folks upset. I hope that they will let you link to their ‘free’ patterns and even put up some sort of graphic.


Thanks a lot everyone. It makes me feel better to have your support.

I don’t know how many designers, but I got three email requests to remove images today, from designers that appear to be members of the same design-forum. I don’t hold it against them, but it makes me sad, because I know I’m not going to be able to put many of the pictures back up, and I think they are really helpful for sorting through all the free patterns that are out there. Clicking on 550 links takes a long time! A lot more time than viewing the 550 pattern images I have up! Oh well.

So, late tonight I’ll be “breaking” all of the images I don’t have permission for yet. I’ll try to finish contacting all the designers this weekend, and by the end of the month, the patterns pages should be back in some kind of order. In the mean time, all the links will still work, and the descriptions will still be there, but the images will appear “broken.”

Thanks for your support everyone!

Sheesh. Some people! I hope I never become that anal retentive!

A solution to get back at the people can be to have someone e-mail you a pic of the finished work if they make it. :slight_smile:

It’s not an issue of designers being “anal”; they are simply protecting their legal copyright over their photographs. Amy’s idea of having pages of photos instead of just a zillion links (like knitting.about.com for example) is a nice one, and convenient for the rest of us, but as we’re seeing now it will create problems if not everything is kosher. It looks to me like Amy made an honest mistake and is doing her best to set things right. There are so many copyright violators out there (I see it a lot in the cross stitch world) who know they’re in the wrong and continue what they do anyway; my philosophy is to educate the ones who don’t know and then lay off (as in Amy’s case), and hound the ones who know they’re breaking the law but don’t care.

PiousPoet’s idea is a good one for replacing photos that Amy doesn’t get permission to use. If a fun challenge is made, there are probably a bunch of knitters around here who would be up for it. :slight_smile:

Welcome Phretys!

That’s how I see it too. I don’t hold it against the designers; I can understand wanting to have control over your images.

It’s tricky territory, because there are legitimate sites out there which regularly re-publish other’s images (for instance, Google’s image search option–those images stay in their search results long after the original site is gone). So, you can see how people like me would think it was okay to use an image in the way I did. And legally speaking, it’s possible that I would be okay, but if people are getting upset about it, I’d rather go the route that won’t make people upset.

PiousPoet; that is definitely a great option, as Phretys said, for the images that I don’t get permission to use! I’ll definitely keep it in mind!!! Thanks!


Glad to be of assistance.

I’ve got some extra yarn and 2 toddlers and would be willing to make patterns and take pics. :slight_smile: LMK what you need pics of.

I’ll bet these are the same designers that get pissed at other designers for submitting free designs to those “design-a-day” calendars. Geez, the last thing you would want is publicity for your designs. /sarcasm

Thanks for the offer YarnMommy! …Actually, I could really use someone to knit up the baby poncho pattern. You could size it for one of your toddlers if you want, just let me know the dimensions so I can post them… And if you want to add fringe, that would be even nicer.

I haven’t asked for permission yet on that image, and it’s awkward, because I comment under the picture that I’m looking for a better picture! (Which I am!) A picture taken on a child would look so much better.


Super! I have the right needles for it. Can I sub out the yarn?

Yay!! Sure, use whatever you want, just let me know the gauge and measuments. Thanks!!! You’re the best!!!