Heads up East Coast: TS Danny, maybe

(but I hope not!) I posted this over on Ravelry, too.

Heads up, especially if you’re around the Outer Banks or, Friday and Saturday, NYC. It might miss entirely, or it might fall apart (it’s in fairly bad shape tonight, and we can hope.) Right now, the models have it going offshore by a hundred miles or so, which would just make for a windy, rainy, nasty weekend. It’s hard to tell which would be worse–people going into a panic and running around crazy because they hear rumors, or people who pay no attention. Here’s where to get up to date information:

and here’s what made me post this:

Local weather and preparedness for the Outer Banks:
or. for a simpler explanation and more information,
For NYC and area:

Just in case, if you’re in an area that might be affected:
–fill your gas tank today
–check your water supply and pick up some bottles or fill any containers that are low
–check your flashlights
–buy yarn (oops, that slipped in:teehee: )
–if you might need to get out of the way (right on the coast or whatnot), think about how to get out of town on the back roads.
I hope this is nothing but a drill.

Here’s another one…if you’re not driving, knit in the car. When you reach your destination, you’ll have something to do.