Headed to Goodwill tomorrow

I’m intrigued by all of you who are recycling yarn. I had a chance to scope out one of the local Goodwill stores the other day, but only had about five minutes before I had to be someplace else, so I couldn’t buy anything.
I did see one blue LL Bean 100% Shetland wool sweater for $3.99 that I will buy tomorrow, if it’s still there.
Has anyone had particularly good luck/bad luck with any one brand of sweater?
I saw some 100% merino wool in men’s sweaters, but it was too thin for hand knitting. I did see a cotton/silk blend that I have my eye on too. I am very excited about going to Goodwill tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed that I find some good stuff!

The merino sweater I took apart was beautiful knit, very little wear, but when I took it apart, the yarn was really icky and all the little hairy deals were squished flat. I knit a bit of it just to make sure, but I was heartbroken 'cause it still looked icky. The cotton yarns came out the best. But every sweater will have been taken care of differently (or not at all) and you should be prepared for disappointment. But it is a fun thing to try no matter how much yarn you get out of it! Have a good time!

Ditto what Sara said. Some yarns look absolutly gorgeous as the sweater but once you unravel it, EEEWWWW. But hey it’s on 3 or 4 bucks right? What you could do if you really hate it, is donate it to a church or homeless shelter. Or maybe a school that has a knitting program. Or trade with someone you know. Have a yarn party. Keep trying. The next sweater at Goodwill just may be the perfect one.

I’m prepared to be disappointed, but not too much because this yarn will mainly be for my daughter, who is a fledgling 10-year-old knitter. She will be glad to get whatever it is; she won’t be too choosy. She is enamored with the idea of making her very own felted purse, and I’m sure that between us she will manage to do that, at least.

I unravelled two sweaters from Goodwill last week. If at all possible, try sitting outside to do it. Your eyes are probably younger and sharper than mine, but still, I was amazed at how much easier it was to see the tiny unravelling thread outside in the sunlight.

Though I did also pick up a 100% Shetland Wool sweater to unravel, so far, I’ve only unravelled acrylic yarn sweaters. I bought them because the yarn was incredibly soft and pretty, so I knew I’d be pleased with something remade from them.

I also had my son make me a homemade niddy noddy (sp?) to wind the yarn into hanks when I was through. There was such a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the process of unravelling, winding, washing, then storing with my other yarns. :thumbsup:

Well, got got four sweaters at Goodwill. One was an LL Bean 100% Shetland wool, and we got that apart in no time. It was great.
The next one was from the Gap, a man’s cotton sweater which looked like it was going to be pretty easy to get apart BUT IT ISN’T. :doh:
I’m still working on that one.
Third one was a fushia 100% wool ladies sweater, also from the Gap. Equally difficult getting that one apart. The shoulder seams are reinforced with fabric, and it’s tough going.
These last two have been put aside for today to give myself a break. Instead of taking something apart, today I actually feel like knitting! :lol:
I’m just finishing the Pretty Poncho for my daughter’s teacher. All that’s left is weaving in the stupid ends, which I hate.
The last Goodwill sweater is another LL Bean 100% wool in a navy blue. Really nice. Haven’t started unassembling that one yet. I hope it will be easier than the last two. The first one was such a piece of cake I got overly confident.
I also got a man’s XL gray 100% cotton one, but it was actually brand new and never worn, so I just put that one in hubby’s closet. I couldn’t really justify ripping it out.

:thinking: When I take yarn out I wrap it in a big loop (like you were wrapping a rope) between your hang and bottom of the arm. Then, I hang it over the neck of a hanger let it drape down while holding the bottom of the hanger. I take my iron put on the highest steam and steam out the wrinkles and hairy deals like you would be if steaming out wrinkles in curtains. My iron has this feature for upright steaming and I love it! :heart:
Let cool and all the wrinkles and hairy deals go away? I hope this will help!
Happy yarn hunting!