Headbands! Me and Sammy

Hey all! Well as you can see…im knitting like crazy. And just think…I GOTTA MAKE SCARFS FOR ALL THESE DARN HATS AND HEADBANDS!! LOL!!!

HERE ARE OUR HEAD BANDS. My scarf will be yellow with the rainbow trim…and sammy’s will be orange with his rainbow trim…i will put all the pictures up of all the scarfs that are being done now!

Love those colors! You guys are ALL SET for winter! No cold heads or necks in your house when the snow flies!

I love those! Are you using a pattern?

Nice job and great colours! And Sammy is so precious!


The pattern was k2, p1 CO 81 for adult…72 for 4 year old teen and 63 for 3 old and under. Knit in Ribbing for 4 inches, and 3-3.5 for all other.

Bind off…in pattern or throw in a all knit row then bind off.

Aw, the two of you look adorable! And those are wonderfully fun colors to pep up the bleakness of winter!

More beautiful grins! :muah:

The headbands look very-quite-comfy!


I love them! LOL, you are like me…I have to have matching scarves or shawls with hats and fingerless gloves :teehee: