I made a darling headband/wrap, but the starting chain makes it too tight on that edge. Is there anything I can do to make that starting chain more “elastic”? It’s so tight that I don’t think the preteen it’s made for will be able to put it on.

I think I know what to do…I’m going to try using a bigger hook for the starting chain.

That sounds like a good idea. Here’s a way of salvaging the band you’ve already made. You can decide if it’s worth the effort.

This looks like an interesting start too:

I think that you’re crocheting way too tight. Loosen up. Put relaxing music on and don’t rush. Enjoy the process rather than the end result and it’ll turn out. You can tell if it’s too tight if it doesn’t have enough give when you stretch on it. Put it around you’re head after you finish the chain to see if it’ll fit you, before proceeding. That way you don’t get too far into the pattern.:slight_smile: