hi everyone
i am so lost. i am makeing a head band and says knit until 2in then says work in k2 p2 i did that and its taking off stitches. when it says WORK in the k2p2 what does that mean >>>>>> stupid maggie

Work in knitting instructions always means Knit (OR purl) as makes sense…

Work Even --in stocking knit this mean knit one row, purl the other,
…–in garter it means knit every row

-------------in all cases, it means NO INCREASES OR DECREASES

Work in Ribbing means follow the ribbing pattern… (which can be K1, P1, or k2, P2, or even expressed as 1X 1, or 2 X 2 )

Ccontinue to work in pattern, and at the same time, means continue the pattern (which can be complicated because at the same time indicates you are about to do something (like armhole or neck shaping) that will interfer with the pattern!)

if you have a pattern (ribbing say, in an all over ribbed sweater) that then needs to be decreased, and up until now, you’ve started each right side row with K2, (p2, k2…) and now they directions say “bind off 6 stitches at beginning of the row”.
to WORK IN PATTERN, on the next right side row (after decreasing 6, you’ll start the row with P2, Not K2… see image, the bold stitches got bound off–and now you have a new starting place for your ribbing)


does this help?

thank you but maybe i’m not reading right.
here is my pattern.
cast on 16, knitting every row until 2 1/2 inches then says
work in k2 p2 rib for 9 inches. then go back to knitting till desired length. i get to the 2 1/2 inches then get lost. i really appreciate your help maggie

After you knit every row for the 2 1/2 inches, you’ll switch to k2,p2 ribbing for 9 inches. K2, p2 across every row and you will end up with the ribbing. When it reaches the right length, then switch back to knitting every row.

I noticed you said doing k2p2 is taking off stitches. Maybe you are knitting/purling two together, rather than doing k k p p k k p p and so on?

are you working the stitches individually - knitting 2 stitches, purling 2 stitches, or are you working them together - knitting 2 together, purling 2 together? This is the only way i could figure you are losing stitches.

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I think the previous poster’s have your answer pegged. It sounds like you read the pattern as knit 2 together, purl 2 together, when really, the pattern is knit, knit, purl, purl, knit, knit, purl, purl…etc. You are creating ribbing.

Just make sure you flip the working yarn to the front when purling, and back again when knitting.


thanks everyone

i was knitting 2 together when i got it was supposed to be k k p p thank you for helping me. its so nice to come here and get help. maggie :muah: