He loves big needles

ive recently started knitting and my bf, who does everything i do, has picked it up too. however, he passionately refuses to use size 6, 8, or 10 needles regardless of the type of yarn or guage needed. So, I took him to yarn shopping and he pops up with size 50 needles and completely jazzed to use them…I just find it funny how a macho attitude can even affect knitting, I guess it means he has some sort of a complex lol


That’s really funny!!!

I guess he doesn’t know that bigger isn’t always better :teehee:

Nadja xxx

:rofl: ahhhhh men… don’t we love them? :teehee:

I hate those big needles! It’s like knitting with bats!! :teehee:

[color=darkblue]For a number of years, I only used large needles (35 & 50 ) to make huge wall hangings, as I wanted lots of loops and open spaces in the piece. I just finished a scarf with 2 extra bulky yarns run together on US 35s. It sure went fast, but the 35s feel like sawed-off broomsticks to me, and my hands are not large.


:roflhard: :rofl:

I’m not comfortable using above size 11 needles.

I don’t like using anything smaller than a 10. And did it occur to you that he’s probably got larger hands and the bigger needles feel more comfortable to him, not like toothpicks?


:roflhard: That’s funny! I’m currently knitting a chunky sweater on 15mm needles. My fingers get less sore than with the little needles, but I feel like my arms are getting quite a workout holding them!

I wish I could go to a yarn shop that sells needles too - I’d buy Giant needles just for the fun off it, then work out what to do with them later. :teehee: :teehee:

Maybe I need a holiday in the USA!!!

For Christmas I made a bunch of blankets/lapghans, and used 11, 13, 15, and yes, made 1 on 50’s. Now I’m working on a sweater on size 8’s, and oh man, do they seem little…seems like it goes on forever!!! :teehee:

Getting a giggle out of it. I have a friend like that…he has a lot of machismo. If he should ever decide that knitting was an acceptable art form for a guy, he too would choose the biggest needles he could find. Why is this? My personal theories:

-Little needles would make him appear to be a sissy.

-He has big hands and would not like the little needles.

-He likes big trucks, big motorcycles, big tattoos…you do the math.

-Every project would knit up faster.

I, on the other hand, prefer bigger needles (usually knit on a 10 1/2, 13 or 15…) because they make me look more petite when I knit in public. :wink: :shifty:


:roflhard: :roflhard:

I have a friend who loves her 50s, 35s and 19s. She doesn’t have any trouble using them and she’s made some very beautiful throws with them. But I agree with Jan in CA. it just looks very awkward.

Nadja xxx

He actually has much smaller hands than me. Hes shorter than me, he’s 18, 5’ 3" or so and no signs of growing. I feel like the big needles are his way to hve something big in manly lol

Could be, then… <g>


THERE’S an idea!!! heads out to locate a bat :teehee: