He Just Doesn't Understand

Just a few moments ago I told hubby it was weird: It seems like not that long ago I was just learning how to knit and sitting in front of the computer, needles and yarn in hand, playing Amy’s videos and struggling with stitches. And now, in just 3 years, how comfortable I am and how much more knowledgeable I am.

I also mentioned sometimes I still find it amusing that I knit. Like the times you stop and really think about your life and how far you’ve come and kids you have and think, man, I still can’t believe I’m a MOM! It doesn’t seem that long ago I was a kid, and, I still don’t feel “grown up”! lol…

Anyway, he said he always finds it amusing that I knit because I guess to him, I don’t seem like the “type of person” who would knit…lol…Then he actually said I’m not going to have anything to do when I’m older because I’ll be bored of knitting!! GASP I said, no way, I’ll be even better by then! I may get burned out on occasion, but never bored of it…Then he says, yeah right, by that time “you’ll be sick of yarn.” :noway: Blasphemy!!! :teehee:

He just doesn’t understand…


You need to teach him how to knit… it’s the only way he’ll get it. OR get Mason to come over and school him about knitting!:slight_smile:

I was thinking these same thoughts not too long ago. (I’ve also been knitting for 3 years :D) and I still can’t believe I am married. I catch myself laughing at that fact all the time. I can’t be married. I’m still a little kid… no wait. I’m 24. haha.

DH is the reason I knit myself. Everyone always laughed when I said I wanted to knit. But when I mentioned it once to him he said to me “Then you should learn.” and I thought HEY! You’re right! I SHOULD learn. And there I was 3 years ago. Just like you, sitting in front of the computer struggling along, watching every video as closely as possible.

And now, I would consider myself a pretty good knitter. I don’t knit the most complicated things, but I know if I chose to I could do it. And looking back when the purl stitch was such a pain, and now I feel I could knit almost anything.

It’s a cool feeling. And I couldn’t do it without this site and everyone here. :slight_smile:

I’ve been knitting since I was 9 and I’m nearly 50! I knit for my grandchildren now! BORED OF KNITTING?! I’m just getting warmed up!:knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

Angelina Jolie Pics

He needs to talk to a few of the knitters here who have been knitting a long, long time!

He better hope his “theory” doesn’t apply to husbands who’ve been around for many years! :teehee:

Forgive him, for he knows not what he says. :pray:


My DH thinks it is amusing I knit too…for some reason he thinks he scored big finding a woman who likes to cook, and can knit, and likes playing World of Warcraft…

His perfect woman…somewhat domestic, and still a big geek…go figure!

That’s a sure fire trip to the Xanax bottle for me. I figured out I have to get back to Taoism and live in the now. Past or future is not good for me.

I figure when I’m old I’ll be using knitting to pick up the hot chicks in the nursing home by teaching them how to knit.