He Did It Again!

I love my husband. I do! But he has now successfully ruined three pair of handknit socks. I took all of your advice to heart. I used good wool with a touch of nylon, I used smaller needles, and I made sure that the socks were to his size. When I glanced at his feet this morning…a hole! Not just a small hole, but a huge gaping hole in the heel! :wall: What am I going to do with this man?!? I treasure my handknit socks, but seeing how he goes through them so quickly, I don’t want to knit anymore for him. Do any of you have further advice?

Oh no. :doh: Personally, I think I’d stick to hats, scarves and sweaters, etc rather than socks. Some people are just harder on socks than others.

Go to Target.

I have to agree with others–go BUY him eight or ten pairs of good wool socks and then spend your time knitting something else!!! Not only is life too short to use crappy yarn; it’s also too short to labor over making something that wears out so quickly!

Buy him socks. Let the machines make them. It sounds like you could spend all your time for the rest of your life just trying to keep his feet covered.
You might make stirrup socks he can put on over the ones you bought, no heel and no toe, you shouldn’t have to worry about holes as much.

Same deal here–I wear socks out in an amazingly short time, cheap, expensive or anything in between. I don’t even try to make fancy feet any more. I sew tops to cheap cotton no-shows so they can be replaced every couple of wearings.

I will head to Wal Mart. Thank you!!!

We feel your pain…I get my DH wool socks in the hunting department and he has yet to really wear them out…and it only takes the time to drive and get them and save my yarn for me…hehe…good luck!

If he gives you a hassle about it, tell him if he wants hand knit socks he has to learn to knit them for himself. That should be the end of it.

Oh, I feel your pain as well.
My hubby goes thru his huge hand knit socks is about a week. He usually wears two pair at once so it is a great loss to me… but I’ve been reading the advice given here and I think I will send him shopping as well.
I love knitting socks but I hate to see them abused… I’ve never seen such big holes. I thought of making the soles double thickness but it didn’t work… it was a sucky idea anyway… :slight_smile:
Oh, yes, I think there is a time when one has to say… enough is enough… love him as I do…