He actually listens when i talk about knitting!

last night, when my DBF came over, i showed him the sweater i was working on, and told him how i had messed up and took out the stitch markers when i still needed to use them. after he left, i stayed up and figured out where to insert the stitch markers and fixed my mistake. so this morning, i’m texting him and i told him how i fixed it. after a few minutes of conversation about my sweater, he sent me this text:

“it’s ganna look good when you get it finished. i like the color scheme of it, but will you be able to wash it with that yarn or will it felt?”


the fact that this 16-year-old boy not only remembered what felting was, but actually listened the first time when i told him what it was a LONG time ago is absolutely amazing to me.

anyways i just thought i’d share because i found it hiliarious and very cute. :cheering:

Aww, that is sweet. My BF gets a glazed look in his eye when I mention felting or stitch markers!

But I look the same when he mentions plane models, so…

Now his mother taught him right!!! to listen when your girl talks to you!!! yep I like him! he deserves at least a hat made for him!!

aw, not fair! thats awesome!

Hey we may be male but that doesn’t make us all bad. When I talk knitting or kilt making she who must be obeyed glazes over. It works both ways.


Lets be fair.

That’s cute! My DBF used to do the same, but since he’s been getting benefits from knitting, he’s been a lot more interested.

It also helps if you show interest in something he enjoys. You don’t have to go over board, just enough that he can tell you understand at least 50% of what he says.

haha, it’s true! This is why I now play video games, watch UFC, ride on ATVs, go hiking, fishing…I could go on!

Sounds like a keeper

Thats really sweet, I’d make him something nice if I were you!

My friends tend to get that glazed over look when I talk about knitting - they are all really impressed with the stuff that I make but they don’t wanna hear about it. I’m knitting my DBF a scarf because he was so impressed with mine that I offered to knit him one. He’s really excited about it, I showed him the progress on Friday and he thought it was really good and he can’t wait for me to finish so he can wear it. He at least tries to listen when I talk about knitting but I doubt he remembers much of what I say, he’s certainly never asked me questions about it.

Nice!!! I am impressed. Lucky gal…

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:“She who must be obeyed”…:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: You made me LMAO. I even imagined that with Scottish accent ('cause of the kilt).

We have an agreement at home - each can freely discuss his/hers hobby, without babbling to much. I’m really interested in my DH’s hobby (diecast model collector and he assembles plastic one with great accuracy) and he even helped me to make my first stitch markers.
Anyway, i think your BF deserves a knitted item from your hands.