Hawaiian Leis Socks

From the Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar recommended to me right here on KH. Done in Seacoast Handpainted superwash sock yarn in Ashes and Roses on size 2 needles. For my Mother in law this Christmas. Hope she likes!

those look great!!

They’re beautiful! That yarn is gorgeous, and I love the pattern. She’s going to love them.

They’re cute! I love the colour!

pretty! I have that calendar–you cheated! It’s not June 6 yet! :slight_smile:



Pretty. I really like the color.

Beautiful!! One day I’m going to have to venture into the sock making world …

:happydance: Very pretty!!



Very pretty! I love the name of them (I was born and raised in Hawaii!)

Those are very nicely done! Love that colorway!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: