Having trouble with this pattern sequence

Hi, I’m Lindsay. First post! Hello all.

I’m knitting mittens with an 8 row pattern. I was doing fine until I got to row 8 and and now I’m stuck! The instructions don’t seem to make any sense! I believe it should be a variation of row4 but it’s different. The yb and yf don’t make sense (to me). image|320x240

I hope the picture of that portion of the pattern shows here. If not, I can type it in.

Thanks in advance!!


Hi Lindsay and welcome!
The directions for row 8 are similar to row 4 although the order is reversed. The yarn goes to the front to purl a stitch, to the back to slip the stitch. Then you’ll have to bring the yarn to the front again to work the P1.

@salmonmac. Thank you! I will give it a try tonight! Appreciate your help and , yes, that makes sense. I was getting in my own way!

Thanks again!