Having trouble with starter stitch

Hi, so I’m new to knitting and new to this forum and I need help. I’m trying to learn how to knit and I’ve looked at youtube videos to get a visual of how to do stitches and I get the knit stitch and once I understood what to do, the purl stitch does seem easy like they say. I feel like I’m doing it right, but something is not going right going from knit stitch to purl stitch.

I want to do this blanket that calls for 3 knit, 3 purl, 3 knit, 3 purl and so on. Well here’s a picture. I have the 3 knit on the right and the 3 purl (as I attempted) on the left. But what’s with the extra diagonal piece between the two sets of 3? What am I doing wrong?

Hi, welcome to knitting and to KH!
It looks like you’re bringing the yarn [I]over[/I] the needles when you switch between knits and purls. You should bring the yarn [I]between[/I] the needles when you switch. That way you won’t get that extra diagonal or unwanted yarn over in your knitting. Take a look at the Free Videos at the top of the page under Getting Started which may help too. Enjoy learning and knitting the blanket.

Hmm, ok, not sure, but ok, I will like at the videos, thanks.

Yes, you’ve brought the yarn over the needle to switch from purl to knit and that will add a stitch. On the Tips page there’s some videos for Basic Stitches, which includes ribbing. That’s what k3 p3 is, more or less.