Having trouble with reverses shaping

I have asked this question on yahoo and keep getting two diff answers. If i want to knit both sides of a cardigan AT THE SAME TIME, do I do EXEACTLY AS THE PATTERN SAYS? Im told yes, then no ill have a replica instead of mirror image. The reason i want to do it this way is becuz i have trouble remebering which inc and decreses to use and the pattern just says make righr same as left just reverse shaping. Anyone help me?:knitting:

The pattern likely says to “reverse shaping,” so yes you do what the pattern says, even if you are knitting both pieces side by side on the same needles with two balls of yarn.

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Yes, you can knit the fronts at the same time. But you do have to remember that the piece to the R on your needle with the RS facing is the left front, and the piece on the L of the needle is the right front - just like when you lay a sweater down and look at it. You do the armhole shaping on the outer edges of both pieces; for the L front this is at the beginning of the RS row, but it’s at the beg of the WS row for the R front. The decs can all be done on the RS rows, but they’re at the beg of the row for the L front and at the end of the row for the R front - the same edges where you did the BOs. The neck or front edges are on the inside and again you might have rs/ws shaping on them too.

Thank u guys. This last answer was the one I most frequently had people tell me. Im thinking it just might well be easier if I did do them seperatly.

If you do them separately, the same guidelines still apply - the shaping will be on the [I]other[/I] edge for the second piece as it was on the first.