Having trouble with purling and cabling

I have completely mastered the art of knitting. I completed my first scarf (Yay me! :smiley: ) which was done all in garter st. I am now moving on to more difficult patterns which call for purling and cabling. I am having some difficulty with both. Maybe it’s because I am a lefty, but purling and cabling are proving to be very cumbersome and I am getting kind of frustrated. Does anyone have any tips for me about how to make both techniques more fluid. Juggling 3 needles when I cable is insane, I can’t really see what I am doing because the “dead” needle gets in the way while I am knitting off the cable needle. Thanks and Happy New Year.


First, have you looked at Amy’s videos? They should help majorly. As for the cable needle, I generally find I don’t have to hold it. I put my yarn on and let it hang–doesn’t get in the way at all.

What style do you knit? I understand purl in continental can be a bit awkward, but I knit English, so I can’t say for sure what you could do differently.

I knit in the continental style. I have looked at Amy’s tapes. She is so amazing, she makes everything look so easy. I’ll look again and just keep on practicing. Thanks, Stefanie