Having trouble with long-tail cast-on

Being left-handed, I’m always trying to flip things so they’re easier for me to understand/do. So when I started knitting, I automatically assumed that I could flip the way I cast-on so that I could understand it.

But I don’t get the long-tail cast-on! I try to do it with my left hand, and it just comes out as a jumble of loops on my working needle. I can’t seem to master it right-handed, either, since that’s not my dominant hand and I’m a total klutz when I have to work right-handed. Are there any other lefty knitters out there who can help me figure this out?


I believe that most left handers knit ‘right handed’. Because most instructions are geared toward right handedness it really probably is easier to learn that way.

There is a video here:

More instructions here:

Oh and btw if there is any confusion… holding the working yarn in your left hand is most commonly known as continental and holding it in your right hand is most commonly known as english. Right and left handedness is an entirely different thing.

I watched the video, looked at the other link. But the models in both are casting on with the yarn in their left hand, and I’m trying to cast on with the yarn in my right hand. Sorry for the confusion.

-sigh- I feel stupid.

I figured it out… I was just forgetting a basic step every time, because I didn’t see it.

Ah, well, that’s what practice is for!

:teehee: Yep, practice, practice, practice.

I found some sites for left handed knitting that might help down the road.

Don’t worry, even right handers have trouble with it at first. I never could do the Long Tail in one hand, I use both and it comes out the same.