Having trouble with brims on hats

Hey everyone! I am new to this and started making hats for some of the boys at my work. I have been using a circle loom to make them but every time I come to fold the brim over And I put the bottom loop over the top 2 loops it gets so tight that I can barely even get it over. I’ve tried doing looser wraps but hasn’t seemed to help. The boys all love the brim part of the hats so I don’t want to just stop making them with brims… anyone have some advice?
Thank you!

Welcome to the forum!
There are some loom knitters here and they will be able to help with better advice than I can offer. Here’s some recommendations to avoid too tight sts. See if this helps.

Thank you! That seems to make a lot of sense and it is definitely something I can refer back to. :slight_smile: