Having trouble understanding a pattern

I’m new and was wondering if anyone was willing to help me. I learn better by watching videos or doing it myself. I can’t do the pattern when I have no clue where to start though. I need a loooooot of help.

Welcome! Just ask about what part you’re having trouble with and always include what the project is, the name and and a link if you can.

I’m trying to figure out the part about doing a rib one and then make one. I understand I have to increase, but if it’s rib one, do I just knit one and purl one.? Then that’s it for the ribbing part.? Just started this sweater pattern and going from crocheting to knitting, so gettinf overwhelmed.

It won’t let me upload the pattern but the row says to R1, M1, R6, M1.

Don’t bother with uploading a pattern. It’s a copyright violation anyway. What is the pattern name? If you have a link that would help a lot.

Many patterns have a section near the top where they tell you what increase to use. The designer may prefer one over another because of their way it looks. Usually a M1 is when you pick up the bar in between the stitches and knit into it. If you go to the video section linked at the top of the page you can see how you do it.

Increases in ribbing can be a little tricky so check the pattern fort info first.

It’s a pattern I found when I was on Pinterest. It’s called Baby Aran Jumper Sweater but it was a pattern that I had to pay to get.

Rib 1 means to work 1 stitch, rib 6 means work 6 stitches. So if you’re doing k1p1 rib, you would k1, m1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, m1, and so on.
Usually these instructions occur between the ribbing and the body of the sweater to help you space out the increases needed to go from ribbing to the main pattern.