Having trouble slipping stitches

:shrug: the pattern says to slip 1 stitch purl wise,knit 1 . When I slip 1 stitch purl wise , do I keep the working yarn in front then slip off stitch purl wise or do I keep yarn in back and slip stitch purl wise

What pattern is it or how does that whole row read?

When I’ve come across these instructions they are usually part of a skpo (slip one, knit one the pass the the slipped stitch over). I just tend to keep the yarn at the back for the knitted stitch but as said above the whole instruction may reveal more :slight_smile:

Generally, you don’t slip purlwise for a decrease though, it makes the top st twisted and doesn’t lie flat. But if you were to slip a stitch and not do anything to it until the next row, you’d slip purlwise.