Having trouble reading a chart

I’m starting a cardigan, it’s my first time following a chart, and I’m confused. The chart only has the odd numbered rows. On the sleeve the instructions for round two of the sleeve say “purl to first stitch before marker, k1, work panel as set, k1”. My confusion comes in the “work panel as set”, does this mean to repeat row one of the panel on the chart right to left? Thanks for any help you can give.

What is the name of your pattern?
“As set” usually means that the panel has been placed in the round according to the previous row. (Work x many sts, work row 1 of the chart, work x many sts. You would then go on the row 2 of the chart for round 2.
There is probably a note somewhere at the beginning of the pattern to the effect that the even or alternate rows are worked as whatever the pattern states.

You were absolutely right, thank you! There was a note about all WS rows being purled, and I figured out that the instruction of “purl to one 1 st before marker, k1, work panel as set, k1” means you’ll purl the whole row except for the 2 k sts. Thank you again for your quick response!

I’m confused reading a pattern too. Is there a way to upload it?