Having trouble executing the directions


I can understand about the wrapping differently (I think), but am stuck on slipping the 3 sts on right needle over first 2 sts.


You’re not slipping 3 sts, you slip the [B]3rd [/B]stitch over the other 2. It would be like binding off only you pass the st over 2 instead of one.

Oops I typed it wrong!

Anyway I figured it out. I think the wording of "slp third st on right needle of first 2 sts was confusing me on the first repeat. I was reading it as the 3 sts on the needle (meaning the 3rd in the row that I just started) and thought some acrobatics were going to be necessary.

Trust me only my little brain could get that confused over a simple thing.


Nope, you’re only deal with the k3 sts, not the ones before the YO.

I’m a new knitter and I just love it. The skirt project I’m making says to wyib, what does that mean and how do I do this. Thank you Sarah:knitting:

It means `with yarn in back’. You must be slipping a stitch or two…