Having trouble changing colors

Hey everyone!
I’m an advanced beginner knitter and I’ve moved up to a couple of new skills, color blocking and cableing. The pattern instructs to cut color one after introducing color 2, the problem I’m having is figuring out how to hold the loose yarn and introducing the first knit stitch and the first purl stitch (especially the first purl stitch) my hands and fingers just don’t want to cooperate. I’ve tried looking for a video to show me how but can’t seem to find one. Unfortunately I’m much more of a visual learner that being able to read and instruction and interpreting it but any help would be appreciated!

If you cut the one color and leave a tail, it won’t go anywhere. Just let it hang and later on you can snug it up and weave it in.

Here’s a video How to Knit a Scarf that shows a very simple color change. Demonstrated on extremely huge needles too! Only thing I’d do differently is IF you LOOSELY knot the 2 strands together as demonstrated, when you go to weave in the ends I’d unknot the strands first; cross the strands to cinch up the hole then weave each end in back in the direction it came from. Ok that sounds complicated… it’s not.

Oooh oooh and there are several yarn joining videos here on KH – Scroll down on this page to the section “Joining a New Color Yarn”. She shows you how to seal up that hole too. The “Duplicate Stitch Join” video there seems like the type of join your pattern is explaining. The video is great, but a little dark and small.

If it really bothers you you might like to hold the previous colour-end onto the knitting with a safety pin or a hairclip?

PERFECT!!! Thank you!!