Having the Q's in their own forum

As you all know, I generally prefer fewer forums; but folks have been asking for a separate forum for Q’s, and I’m thinking it’s a good idea. Since the General Knitting forum’s getting pretty busy these days, I figure why not try it! It may make posts easier to find and the main forum less overwhelming.

Anyway, we’ll try it for a while. Let’s give it a few days to get used to. Then I’ll put up a poll about it, and get feedback from you all.


What kinds of things would go in the general forum, then?

I know, it seems like that’s practically all we talk about in the main forum, is how-to Q’s, but it’s not! That’s one of the reasons I want to sort them out, because the most interesting discussions get lost among the technical talk. If you look at the first page of posts on the main forum right now, more than half of the topics are not questions. The topics vary quite a bit, from Q’s about books and magazines, to a new knitting discovery, to venting about frustrations, and the occasional off-topic thread.

It is more work to click on multiple forums, and my concern is that the Q’s in this forum will get neglected. But if they don’t, I think it can be good to have them here, to create a little more breathing room in the main forum. I’m hoping it will work out! If not, I’ll merge this forum back with the General forum.

I think this is a good idea, if it actually works out the way it’s intended. I love to peruse the questions, and try to answer if I’ve got some insight, and I also love the general discussions and sometimes just want to read/chat about “general” knitting.

Also, hopefully it will help people find old threads that already answer their questions, since they will be able to sort through Q&A’s more efficiently.

I like that there’s a new section here for Q & A. I was starting to lose posts. And there’s so many people signing up all the time…since Amy rocks and all. :happydance:

FWIW, I was grateful for the “Q” forum – got me right to where I wanted to be and right to the question at hand.

It’s been my experience on other sites that using the “general” forum for a catch all makes it hard to maneuver and you also get a lot of repeat questions. Most people don’t/won’t look through more than the top layer of threads to see if their topic is already up there. A “Q” forum separates out the wussies (like me) from the pros (like y’all!).


BTW, I was psyched when I found this forum and site!

Ahhh, yes, I’m definitely liking this new forum. I hate to see Q’s go unanswered, and this makes it SOOO easy to find Q’s with zero replies.

I was going to do a poll, but I don’t think it’s necessary. We all seem to like it! It really does make sense, I’d say.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, Ive changed my mind about it, too… :thumbsup:

:cheering: Yippee!

I love a unanimous decision. :slight_smile: