Having problems reading a pattern PLEASE HELP!

im trying a new pattern out and in the stitch glossary it says-
inc work(k1,yo,k1) in st-2sts increased
which i understand, the confusing part is in the actual directions

on row 1 it says p1*k1, [COLOR=“Red”]inc in next st[/COLOR], k1, p2, k1 tbl, p2, k1, k3tog, k1, p2, k1 tbl, p2: rep from * [COLOR=“Red”]once more, end k1, inc in next st[/COLOR], k1, p1.

the stuff in red is what i dont understand.
do i k1, yo, k1 then just k1?

The part in red is telling you to do the k yo k [I]all in one stitch[/I], not as separate stitches (kok is how I abbreviate this increase). So yes, p1 k1, kok, k p2 and so on… Then you repet everything between the *s again, and end the row with k1, kok, k1, p1 on the last 4 stitches.

What stitch glossary? The one here or on your pattern? I’m not seeing that increase in the text you wrote. :??

Presumably the stitch glossary for the pattern…?

But, isn’t in in next st kfb? Maybe there’s something I’m missing. You’re usually right. :lol: It would help if we knew what pattern it was.

You’re right on both counts (though not necessarily that I’m usually right - I’m wrong too sometimes). If the pattern says this is how you do the increase, then it’s a double inc; if she’s just getting this from another glossary, it’s kfb. Depends what the stitch count should end up as. The repeat does have a double decrease in it, the k3tog, so that would work with a double increase.

That’s true. Partiemonster, you can see why more info is always helpful. :slight_smile: