Having my nose fixed this wednesday!I'M BACK!

I’m FINALLY having my nose fixed this week :cheering:! It’s not plastic surgery, it’s supposed to fix my nose from the inside, because the part between the nostrils is not straight and it’s difficult to breathe. In addition I have allergies and i always have inflammation (sp?) in my nose. So the surgery is supposed to help me breathe. This morning i just feel awful… It’s superhot outside (91 in Fahrenheit), very dry. I had an allergy attack (sneezing and everything). I’m barely breathing at work, which really destracts me… Yeah, you can say i’m a bit sorry for myself :waah:… My head is not at the office and i’m afraid to make mistakes… I told my boss today my head has parted my body :shock:.

Just venting, i guess…

:hug:Hang in there Nat, you’ll be fine. Think good thoughts and the operation will be over and your be as right as rain before you know it.

I’ll be thinking of you.

Oh cool - I have friends who had similar surgery and all said it meant they could finally breathe properly. They all reported good nights sleep after the surgery and all were happy with the results.

I have polyps which cause my problems with breathing too. I use a spray to shrink them but they do come back. Doc offered me surgery once a long time ago but I chickened out - wish now I’d had it!

Just feel the way it will be after the surgery and you are breathing easdily and relaxed!!!:hug:

Hope your surgery goes well…my dh had nose surgery a long time ago…it sounds as if yours is very similar…it was worth the hassle of surgery for him as he can breathe through his nose so much better now. Best wishes to you as the date draws closer for you!!


:hug:I wish you luck with the surgery, you’ll feel so much better after! :hug:

Good luck with your surgery .

You will feel so much better. So sorry you are having such a horrible day.


Hatzlacha v’ refuah shlema chaveri:hug::heart:

Thank you everyone:muah:! I do hope it will help me, i’m tired of sleeping 26 years with my mouth open :rofl:.

Hope ya get yer nose back in shape. Nothin worse than goin through life wit yer nose outta joint.


Good luck! I’m sure you’ll feel so much better after the surgery, it’ll be like a breath of fresh air…literally:teehee:

hope it went well!!! keep those icepacks handy. my neice had this done in January and she is so thankful. it has made such a difference for her. the first couple days were tough- but icepacks and not moving around too much really helped.

I’m sure you don’t need this, but GOOD LUCK! You’ll do just fine! :mrgreen:

I hope it works for you! Not being able to breathe is no fun!

thinking about you tomorrow.

:hug:thinking about ya today :hug:

Thinking about you Nat. Hope all went well. :hug:

Ok, I’m back breathing through the mouth like a dog! It was rather painful, because i don’t think the anesthetic was enough, but it was quick (15 min). My nose is twice the regular size, bleeding and i can’t taste anything, because i got special tampons in my nose that the dr. will take out on Friday. But i’m optimistic and I hope it will eventually make me feel much better.
Thank you for the support, everyone :heart:!
Oh, and i even KIPed in the hospital :cheering:, the nurses were in shock, i think. No one KIPs here, except for kippa crochet.

Glad it all went well! Maybe you’ll start a new trend with KIP!!:cheering: