Having a"brain freeze"

Hi all, well I decided to knit up an ear warmer in the round (just making up as I go) I’m I gonna be able to cast off all these stitches in the round?:??

You cast off in the round the same way you cast off flat. Choose your method and go for it.

Hi Jan…do you think I should dec a little bit before finishing (casting off)?

Why? If it’s an earwarmer kinda like a headband, what would be the point of doing less stitches on one side?

cuz I never measured anyone’s head vertically, so I guess I am thinking it might be “wider” on the cast off edge…

If you make the BO stretchy it’ll work fine.

Here’s a super stretchy bind off that works well for cowls and socks and probably ear warmers too. It can be used for knits or purls or ribbing bind offs.