Having a BOY

MY daugher and her dh have a 4 yr. old daughter whom I knit a LOT for.

My dd just had an ultra sound and they told her she is having a BOY!!!:muah: This will be our first grandSON. We are so excited. He will be our second grandchild.

So I need to get busy buying some pretty BLUE yarns. He is due God willing at the end of November.:cheering:

Congratulations! A Thanksgiving baby - how cool!


Gotta love babies, no matter what kind they are! :grin:

Have fun yarn shopping. I’m getting ready to knit the cotton baby kimono from the Mason-Dixon book for a friend at church who is having her second daughter.

Someday, maybe one of my 3 daughters will give me a grandchild to knit for. Listen to me…give me a grandchild…too funny! They’re 21, 23 and 25 and not one of them is in the right place in their life to have a baby, so I can be patient. Until then, I’ll knit for them and their dogs and cats. Somehow, I don’t think this cute little kimono will fit a pug. Hmmmmm…

Congratulations! Enjoy!


yay!! a new baby is always a blessing :heart:

Congratulations to your daughter and her DH and you also on being a granny again.

Congratulations!!! :cheering: