Having a bad day... week... month

So this past couple of months have been really hard for me. Work has required overtime to the point of going in on saturdays:zombie:Online masters’ degree is requiring a lot of extra work:zombie:DH not quite living up to the extra housework that he said he would do because of me doing the master’s degree… etc… So I came home today and was going to make dinner, I had chicken wings thawed, turned on oven, tin foiled pan, :hair:no freaking bbq sauce! Fine. Turned off oven, called pizza hut that I just saw commercial for and ordered their dippin strips, opened a non-lite beer and called mom. vented. pizza showed up. Ate an enourmous amount of disgusting pizza with disgustingly good garlic sauce, had non-lite beers and am now happy again:passedout:
Just in case anyone was wondering what the recipe for curing a crappy day was:yay:

scribbles notes furiously

:slight_smile: thanks for the recipe!

I am glad you feel better. Pizza is a great cure. I wouldn’t know about beer, I don’t drink it. LOL

You have one out I don’t have.

All the Pizza Huts in my area closed up in one weekend with no warning, in 2005 about this time of year. One Friday we had about 23 spread over all the little towns and villages in this part of PA, and that Monday every single one of them was closed for good. The newspaper reported that they were all too old and out of date. Most of the buildings are still “for sale” and it irks me that Pizza Hut hasn’t done something to bring them back to this area.

:rofl: Oh, my, that was funny!! Thanks for the tip! :wink:

hope today is a better day!!! pizza and beer is a wonderful cure all. I’m partial to chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, eaten straight out of the container.

hang in there…

:hug:Hope today is a better day for you. There must be something in the air or water this time of year that makes everyone stressed, but I :heart: your recipe to “cure” it!! :wink:

I’d be in serious trouble as I hate beer and Pizza Hut pizza isn’t exactly up to snuff with WW!

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and say to heck with it and relax!

I’d have to go a different route. I can’t eat the pizza sauce and wouldn’t want to ruin my 25 years of being sober.

Totally feeling your pain, except my elixer of choice is CHOCOLATE!!!

Whenever I’m in the midst of a very long paper for one of my classes, I look at dh and tell him that this is a chocolate/root beer kind of project. He runs to the nearest convenience store. :teehee:

this is a chocolate/root beer kind of project

I love root beer! I especially love the kind that comes in the big bottles, tastes so much better in a bottle!

Mulder, praying for things to lighten up for you.

BTW, Pizza & beer are MY solution to a crappy day too ;)…mainly the pizza part. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm garlic sauce too!

I am feeling much better now. Today is me and DH’s 4 year wedding anniv and he took me out to a fantastic french restaurant, I had twice backed duck and great wine. Oh and I have tomorrow off:woot:!
I left work today saying “if the place gets burned down it was me”:roflhard:
Here’s to friday’s!:clink:

well deserved!! congrats :yay:

:clink: right back at ya! :wink:
DH had a bad week too, really looking forward to our weekend together.