Have you used the Turkish Cast on Method?

I got a pattern for a pair of Mary Janes and it calls for the turkish cast on. I was wondering how difficult this method is?

Hi carla25…this is a step by step tutorial…take a look and see what you think:

I wonder if there is a video somewhere?

I don’t think so and the tutorial I suggested seems to be one of the definitive sources for inspiration. If you have two circs I would just follow the instructions. The author urges…like Ingrid does here…to just trust the pattern (in this case tutorial). She admits it appears complex but if you literally do it step by step it just happens.

I just don’t get pictures sometimes. So is she using 2 circular needles?
I think with practice I can actually get this…

Yes… a bamboo set and a silver set. I would read through all the instructions, go to the second page where she sums up and gives you some encouragement and then give it a try. Like you, I often find images difficult but I think part of that problem (for me anyway) is telling yourself it’s going to be too hard. Often if I patiently try and just do what the pictures tell me, I can do it. At least if you give it a go you can then ask small questions here or even email her and ask. I read down through many of the comments on later pages and it seems a lot of people were worried but then found it great. It just gives a seamless look to the finished item and she shows socks and a purse she did.

She’s only using two different kinds to better show the different needles. You can use 2 of whichever you have, they can even be different sizes as the CO can be a little loose. If it’s only a few stitches, you can even use 2 dpns, then start knitting the first row with a circ.

Thats a good idea!

She did say she was using them (the two) for ease of understanding and that one could even use the magic loop (if I recall properly).

What is magic loop?

It’s just a way to do circular knitting on one pair of circs. Amy has a video on here that shows that but you’re all set to go now with what you have I believe. What are you going to use to try out the instructions? Have you a circ set?

Yes I have a pair of circulars, and I am going to knit this pattern

I think that the Turkish cast on is one of the easiest and quickest cast ons that I know about. It’s my current favorite for toe-up socks. The link in Susan’s post is the one I used to learn the method.

As to the Magic Loop question… Some people use a set of double pointed needles when knitting socks. Some use 2 circular needles. And some use 1 long circular needle (and what’s called the Magic Loop method). There’s a video of the Magic Loop method here at knittinghelp.com under advance techniques.

Cute pattern… well… give it a try and see how you go. Sue gives great advice but it’s often easier to help more once someone has got started and then can tell you where they’re stuck. :slight_smile:

schoen1605. Good to hear from you…I guess if Carla nows gets stuck its great someone here has worked through that tutorial. I suggested the two circs if she had them simply to learn the method as shown. I think if you immediately vary something you may not be confident with it can sometimes throw you.

The tute does seem to be very broadly used. The socks look great and seem to provide an excellent finish. I can understand why they’ve been suggested for these mary janes.

Thank you all for your help, and advice. I think with practice I can get it.