Have you used 2ply hemp?

I’ve just put in an order for yarn for my next couple of projects but while I was trying to make my mind up and endlessly browsing I came across 2 ply hemp.
Just wondering if you have used it, what did you make, what is it good for and how you found the results?
I thought it might be good for wash cloths or a hand towel perhaps.

I’ve used 2ply for baby shawls

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Sorry not used hemp :weary: my eyes only seen 2 ply

It looks like some use in weaving. Often hemp is combined with another fiber for knitting.

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What does 2 ply knit like? Can it only be lace type things with holes or can it be like a full fabric of st st, garter, moss etc?

I think its supposed to get softer the more it’s used/washed but not sure.
I like those weavings. I’d like to try knitting it I think, might just buy some for an experiment.

This a 2ply shawl I’ve knitted before It’s like very fine thread/cotton But hemp not used for this image


It’s lovely. Thank you for posting a picture.

This isn’t my handiwork , photo on google but it’s the pattern I use

Personally I haven’t tried 2 ply hemp yet.

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