Have You Spun Dog Hair? :D

I was shearing my dog today…yes, shearing, he was very matted and it was nearing time for a summer cut anyway :teehee: and I remembered seeing something in the back of a knitting magazine for spinning dog hair. First I laughed, then I thought of how many sweaters we could have made with our long haired German Shepherd! What a hoot :teehee:

Has anyone actually done this with dog hair? Does it make good yarn?

I don’t spin, but was curious if anyone actually did this.

Yes, I psin anything and everything I can get my hands on. It makes yarn much like angora. I would never knit something wearable out of it, because even when mixed with wool it is just way too hot. A hat or mittens maybe, but nothing big. You could knit the trim in the dog hair.

I like mixing pet hair with soft wool 50/50. It has a wonderful halo and the pet hair can change the color of the wool or you can dye it.

Thanks! It would make perhaps a good dog sweater?!? :roflhard: I’ll keep it in mind if I ever do start to spin.

Actually knitty gritty had a show just for that not too long ago. They had Shanon from Spin to Knit. They spun dog hair then made dog sweaters…

Cool, I’ll try to get my mom to tape that episode next time it’s on for me.

If there’s anyone who’s tried it but doesn’t know what to do with the yarn, I’d love some to try for making dog sweaters for the animal rescues I work with. If it’s not too expensive and I can afford it, I’ll pay for it, or it can be donated ;). Here’s my first try at making something for the dog rescues on eBay (not knitting, and BTW, that’s my mom in the picture, not me ;).

I think it would be really unusual and popular to sell. I can probably get about $40 each, I’m hoping (considering you can pay up to $60 on Petsmart.com for a dog sweater online!!! :shrug:)

BTW, nice blog, I added a link to it on mine. I LOOOOOOOVE your polymer clay stitch markers!!! What an awesome idea! Are they dog safe? My Peanut is ALWAYS stealling stitch markers (yarn, as you can see by my pic) and those little plastic socks I stick on the ends of my needles to hold my stitches in place :rofl:

I’m going to try it sometime after I get better at spinning. In the meantime, I just sent 13 oz of “Loki” hair to VIP fibers. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.

OMG Cheryl… Loki is GORGEOUS!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

He is isn’t he??? :heart: :heart: :heart: The hair I brush from him is all white and fluffy and gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what the yarn looks like.

Loki is so goregous! Anything you make from the fur has got to be wonderful. Too bad I’m scared of big dogs. DH would love a husky.

He is gorgeous!!! Let me know how the dog yarn goes.

We’ll be having our Chow sheared for the summer soon, and I thought about asking the groomer to return the hair to me. However, we’ve been very lax about keeping him brushed this winter :oops: , and since he’s spent most of his time outdoors ('cept for night when he comes in to guard his humans), his hair is matted and not so pretty right now. :roll:

PS-Lu, what a neat worthwhile project, and the dogs in your pics are adorable.

And, Kemp, that dog is one of the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen! :inlove:

Let us know how that goes…and needless to say if anyone has spun dog hair which they don’t need, I’d love to have it for the rescue auction. :wink:

I agree with everyone else who has complimented how gorgeous your Loki is!!! I’m also curious about how spinning dog yarn.

Thanks again everyone! He is such a joy. I always think it’s funny that people have no poblem wearing stuff made from stinky ol’ sheep but think it’s weird to have yarn from someone who hangs out on the couch with you every night.

I know VIP got my fiber package, now it just a matter of waiting!

I’ve heard that dog yarn will always smell like wet dog when it’s damp, and if I go by my dogs, that’s not a good thing. And you’re right about the stinky sheep. I have a few sheep, and they’re known collectively as “The Stinky Girls”.

I haven’t spun my dogs hair yet, but I’m collecting to do just that. The way she is shedding it won’t be much longer before I have enough to spinn a sample to see how I like it.
She is pictured to the left. She has a really pretty creamy red color.