Have you seen this?

A calender with pictures of sexy men and knitting


Yes - Franklin had a preview of this on his blog (Panopticon).

Oh my word…I think I need a few of those

calendars…I was talking about the calendars!

:teehee: :lol: :passedout:

i was just thinking i need a new man calendar …

I guess you guys aren’t the only ones. It sold out today.:wink:

Darn!!! I always miss out on the good stuff!!!:!!!:


DAMMIT!!! :!!!:

Actually, nevermind, I only find 2 of them remotely attractive. Some of them are kind of… fug. :shifty:

Gee…I don’t find the pictures sexy at all.

That’s what makes the world go 'round. We all like different things!:woohoo:

Too bad it’s sold out, but the annual official New York City Firefighters Calendar is also pretty hot (ha!).

Good guys, good cause.

Franklin was considering a compainion calendar for 2010. Look for “Gals with Needles” on his panopticon webpage.

If it is like the knitpinup in the photowallhere at KH, then I’d consider it. :slight_smile:


Here’s a note from his Etsy shop:

Welcome to The Panopticon on Paper. If you’re looking for the GUYS WITH YARN 2009 Calendar, this is the right place. I’m presently traveling through the 23 of November, and will re-open and re-stock (including the calendar) upon my return.

Just in case you’re interested!:slight_smile:

Oh, my! I have to say that I like the firemen one better but I just have a weird thing for firemen! All of my friends like to send me “fireman porn”. I have a reputation, you see.

I feel so used, to be nothing but meat in the eyes of women, to be taken as nothing more than a object to be used for some woman’s pleasure and desires to be cast aside after only 30 day’s. OH it cheapens me so much.




And we are oh, so sorry.

o.K. checked out the calendar…yummy…but who the h-ll is Franklin?

Point taken… :oops: :oops: :oops: :out: